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But what if you could get expert counseling from your home if you need it right away? Real-time therapists offering counseling online can help in many ways. In today’s fast-paced society, contacting a telehealth therapy provider for psychiatric counseling is uncommon. 

Aspirations behavioral health focuses on providing clients with the best suitable online therapist service to eliminate the everyday hustle. Our team of compassionate and licensed therapists is here to help you navigate the complexities of your mental health journey.

Our Services

Structural Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Our Online Family Therapy offers convenience and effectiveness in improving family relationships and addressing mental health concerns, all from the comfort of home.

Individual Therapy And Counseling

Individual Consultation
and Coaching

Our Online Individual Consultation and Coaching provide personalized support and guidance for self-improvement and achieving goals, all within the convenience of your own home.

Online Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Our Online Marriage Counselling offers personalized support and guidance to couples, helping them overcome challenges and strengthen their relationship through online consultations.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Our Online Child and Adolescent Therapy offers personalized mental health support through virtual consultations, helping children and teenagers overcome challenges and improve their well-being.

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Welcome to
Holistic Mental Health Care

Meet Kristian Wilson, LMHC

Specializing in Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and

Welcome to
Holistic Mental Health Car

Meet Kristian Wilson, LMHC

Specializing in Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and

Why Choose Aspirations Behavioral Health

Regarding mental health online counseling, Aspirations Behavourial Health offers a convenient and effective alternative to traditional in-person sessions. Here are several reasons why you should use us for your mental health counseling:

No need of commuting Icon

No need of commuting

Postpone therapy sessions no more — with my online counseling services; you can start treatment in the comfort of your home. Connect with me online anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you want, with Aspirations Behavioral Health providing the most convenient and effective therapy with online doctor appointments.

Flexible plans

Flexible plans

Therapy shouldn't be out of reach. What works for one person might not work for another. That's why I am available around the clock to create a plan just for you. To offer the best care for our clients, I offer flexible plans to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Low cost with high quality care

Low cost with high-quality care

Aspirations Behavioral Health offers virtual doctor appointments that provide online therapy sessions in the USA, saving you thousands of dollars. My online therapy sessions will be the most efficient option for you, delivering the best care at an affordable price without sacrificing quality or service.

Licensed and Certified Counselor

Licensed and Certified Counselor

As a licensed and experienced therapist, I have provided quality care for over a decade. I understand your mental health needs and will do my best to help you through your most difficult times.

About Us - Kristian Wilson

About Us


Kristian Wilson

Kristian has been forging an impressive career path since she graduated. In addition to her undergraduate degree from the University of North Florida, Kristian graduated with a Master’s degree from Webster University. She gets motivated by building connections while doing her best to help her family meet their goals. She helps people from all stages, from ages five to 100. These individuals may be suffering from addiction or need guidance about parenting.


I would highly recommend Kris. Her vast knowledge and understanding of therapy has helped me progress in my life to places I never imagined I could. Kris is both professional and personable. Her active listening, support, and guidance not only allows you to feel heard, but she leaves you with new tips to implement. She has truly helped me to transform my mental health in a very positive way.


Kris is one of my favorite therapists I have had. She is real and down to earth. She doesn't come off as clinical and impersonal. She truly cares about her patients.


I’ll like to start off saying I’m no stranger when it comes to having a therapist. But it’s something different about Kris she is just an amazing therapist she got me threw some really hard times and seen right threw my bullshit and wasn’t afraid to call me out on it. I definitely recommend her to anyone but be ready to work


I have been taking my daughter whom is 14 years old to Ms. Kris for about 2 years. I have nothing but positive things to say about her services and would highly recommend her. My daughter has come a long way in 2 years. From having severe panic attacks that would make her pass out to now learning how to control them and different methods to use to do so. She used to despise going to school but now is ok with it and has had such a improvement in her grades. She has also learned from Ms. Kris how to deal with friendships and other things in life.


I was skeptical going to counseling for the first time. Kris made me feel comfortable and with her knowledge and experience in therapy. She has helped me progress individually and together with my husband. Her methods, tips,and guidance is genuine.


Many times it's hard to take the first step to begin mental health therapy, however Kristian Wilson makes this process so easy! She is a professional when it comes to providing treatment, not to mention she is personable, down to earth and easy to talk to! She truly cares about every single person she comes into contact with. Kristian will go above and beyond to help anyone! I wouldn't recommend any other person to seek treatment with! If you're hesitant about the first step, don't be! Please reach out to Aspirations Behavioral Health and get in touch with Kris Wilson!

Shawn Carmichael

Kris is the absolute best counselor to work with!! She is patient, kind, caring, empathetic, and down to earth! She goes the extra mile when working with her clients and actually cares about every aspect of your life, not just the areas you are struggling in. She has counseled me personally and with my husband and they have both been phenomenal experiences! I really appreciate her practical and easily applicable approaches to bettering our mental health and coaching us to live happier healthier lives! I recommend Kris over and over again to anyone wanting to improve their mental health and life!!! Thank you Kris!!!!

Aimee Carmichael

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Meet Kristian Wilson, LMHC

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Meet Kristian Wilson, LMHC

Virtual Appointments Available

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